I’m an animal lover, a new RVer, and an author. I’m writing mostly humor these days because we all need it. Info about my books: http://www.dakotaduncan.com


Is it nature, nurture or something else that drives them?

Surprisingly, this is Jasper, our predator. Photo by author.

The graceful jungle cat strides confidently through the grassland, the vegetation seeming to part of its own accord as he approaches. Suddenly, his pace changes, slowing as he lowers his body into a stalking stance, muscles tightening as observes his prey.

“Jasper!” I call out, startling both him and the…


Has COVID caused us to lose our manners?

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

I wonder if Covid has scrambled up people’s concepts of boundaries. Earlier this week my wife and I were enjoying an off-hours lunch at a local restaurant. “Off-hours” is all we do these days now that COVID has turned us into hermits. We’d always suspected other people were bad, but…


Attention dog people — mysteries are being revealed.

Image by Phillip Black from Pixabay

Secret meetings in the dead of night. Mysterious chants, decoder rings and catnip scented candles placed in enigmatic patterns in a clearing in the woods. For a dog person, these activities seem well withing the realm of possibility among the baffling beings known as cat people.

Dog people tend to…

Dakota Duncan

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