My Cat’s Enlightening Conversation with an Animal Communicator

Max and I had a truly intriguing experience!

Dakota Duncan
8 min readOct 26, 2022
Our Sweet Max-Max. Photo by author.

Cats are a fantastic mystery. Sometimes I think I understand them but at others, they are a puzzle. We recently had something going on with one of our cats, Max, that seemed negative and potentially scary, but turned out to be the opposite.

Several weeks ago we started finding that one of our cats was pooping in odd spots. Neither Max nor Jasper has ever done that outside of the litter box. We figured out that it was Max, and we told ourselves there was a pattern. He was mostly doing it when stressful things happened. Once we replaced one of the kitchen rugs — the one he gets his daily treats on. Another time we’d had roof and gutter cleaning going on loudly most of the day. Max is sensitive to loud noises and change, so we didn’t take him to a vet. We felt it was not medical but stress-related.

After the fourth time of finding poop outside of the box, I contacted an animal communicator that I’d worked with many years ago. Her name is Lydia Hiby and she really is wonderful. I wrote about my first experience with her in Animal Communication — Fact or Fantasy? She works on a pay-first basis, and then you call her on certain days at your convenience. It took several tries, but I was able to reach her within the first hour of her office hours. She asked for a few basic details, like what country, general location, type, coloring, and name of the animal we wanted her to talk with. She does not ask for any other details about the pet or your concerns.

Once she contacts the animal, she lets them tell her the things they most want to say or let her or us know about. Max told her he’d like her to call him “Dr. Max” because he takes care of the emotional health of the family. He said he was super glad we’d adopted him and Jasper together because not only are they brothers now but were in a past lifetime, as well. He told her our water has a weird aftertaste, which we’ve also noticed. It seems to be when the local water has been chlorinated more than usual. Lydia suggested we provide our animals with filtered or spring water.



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